2016 Year in Review

The Bermuda tourism economy enjoyed a strong year of growth in 2016 across all the key performance indicators of the industry. The creation and strategy building of the Bermuda Tourism Authority in 2014, the restructuring of its partner agreements to meet strategic objectives in 2015 and the outcomes of those developments in 2016 represent the brick laying that paved the way for a successful year.

In fact, the Bermuda Tourism Authority exceeded all four of its primary corporate objectives for 2016, which were to increase leisure arrivals, grow leisure visitor spending, further impact hotel room nights sold and improve the number of cruise calls to the island, particularly in Hamilton and St. George.

As you will see in the following divisional reports and the stories they tell, the Bermuda Tourism Authority works as a cohesive unit, and in collaboration with partners across our community, in pursuit of a common goal – a sustainably growing tourism industry.